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silhouetteoftears asked: "He mustve been a ginger" But....I'm a ginger. So he couldn't have been, because us gingers stick together

woo me too! lets have babies.

This is how news works in America.

This is how news works in America.

Truly Beautiful

Truly Beautiful

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paytonciarra asked: Thank you, thank you! I'm well just really tired and hungry! What have you been up too?

hahah why dont you blog about it :P

just studying aerospace at csulb pretty much, what are youuuu up to? :)

paytonciarra asked: Hi how are you:)?

Hey Texas :) im just peachy, how are things going with you?

finally returning the favor of you following my blog ha, i like your style

Watching Day Turn to Night

    Either too much time is spent inside or weather conditions just do not typically permit days like this to be seen by the common soul.  A chance step outside your door can always end with pleasant surprises.  It took me a second to catch my breath before the sight in front of me.

    The sky was the most perfect mixture of taffy blue and bubblegum pink.  The mix was as close to a 50/50 split you could hope to get to thru such a random series of events.  It wasn’t clear which of the colors corresponded to the sky and which to the clouds.  

    I noticed this spectacle wasn’t just in the sky, it was everything you set your eyes upon.  The plants, buildings, and sidewalk were all twilight electric blue pink.  I was as consumed by it as anything else in its path. 

    I can’t help but wonder, when struck by these visions, how much longer they’ll last.  When will I myself no longer seee endless sunsets most beautiful? When will man’s greed darken the skys for good?

   I always walk back inside not knowing whether day just set or if I simply just finished a wonderful bag of cotton candy.

     Generation X lost their hearts.  People started staying inside in fear of what’s outside.  We lost that fight after failing to mount a strong defense.  Now the darkness runs the streets.  And the human race lost that brotherly love for all times.  And such was the tragedy sung by so many in old rock songs.  Each generation has a different meaning of what the decline of our people is.  And this generations view of the world declining was that man no longer could talk to a stranger as if they were old friends.  Fear conquered compassion.  

     ”Generation Y” as they sequentially called us is plagued by a different sickness.  Were losing our minds, through a deteriation and through a biomedical scramble.  For our time this will be the great loss in human development looked back upon.  For it will not be stopped, it falls on deaf ears.  A separation of the functional from the masses will be seen.  So many are content with their wall sized tv screens and handheld receivers that they’ve become nothing more than walking satellites.  When will houses be no longer big enough to house people’s tv’s?   And then we’ve been pumped with so many chemicals were no longer ourselves.

Godspeed Gen Y

Have you ever seen the rain?